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    We help organisations, individuals, and teams improve performance

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    Ascolta Coaching support organisations, individuals and teams who want to think differently about what they want to achieve. Bringing the experience we have gained in business, sport and in life we aim to enable you to find solutions to achieve your goals. We can help you build a high-performance mindset.

    Business Coaching

    Helping improve business performance

    Understanding the current performance of your business and helping your team to find solutions to improve engagement, productivity, performance and profitability.

    Individual Coaching

    Helping improve your own performance

    Understanding what you really want to do and how you can make the right choices to achieve your personal and career goals.

    Sports Coaching

    Helping improve team and player performance

    Understanding what the barriers are to achieving your goals and looking forward so you can achieve the best results with your team.

  • Paul Clelland - Business & Sports Coaching

    Paul Clelland

    High Performance Coach

    Having had a long and varied career in the Private and Public Sector, I've spent time enhancing my coaching qualifications and building my network in business and in sport.


    I've had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people throughout my career and I have a reputation for exploring the opportunities that exist in how we keep improving performance as individuals, and as teams.


    Helping people get better at what they do is where I find the most satisfaction and reward.

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    What we've been working on and where we're heading.

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